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Play high

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

I think one of the best things about having a big part in a play is the high that you get after a particularly successful performance. I always feel so "on" in that situation - extra confident and witty. For example, after one rehearsal of Cash on Delivery we were trying on the costumes for the first time. One of the other characters was wearing an absolutely hideous dress and I made the old joke "It's very becoming. Though I'm not sure quite what it's becoming..." which seemed quite out of character for me. Maybe I was just starting to feel comfortable in the presence of my fellow cast members or maybe it was a natural high caused by the adrenaline of the situation. Almost like being drunk, but with no hangover in the morning.

Cash on Delivery!

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

I'm coming out of blog hibernation briefly to plug the show that I'm in (which starts on Friday). It's a hilarious and fast moving farcical comedy called "Cash on Delivery". I hope all my Seattle-area friends will be able to come and see it (though those that do might never see me in quite the same way again...)

Where? Seattle Center House, Theater 4 (on the 4th floor)

When? 7:30pm on 9th, 10th and 13th-17th of June, 2pm on the 11th of June.

Who? Next Step Theater

How much? $10.

No, I meant how much will I laugh? Oh, I see. Lots. It'll probably hurt you'll be laughing so much. But in a good way.

How (to get tickets)? On the web at or by phone at 1-800-838-3006.


Monday, March 27th, 2006

In the play I was in recently my character took a lot of notes. For the two boardroom scenes, Don Cisneros (one of the board of directors) was writing almost continuously. I now have about 20 pages of notes.

Writing on stage is kind of a strange thing. The audience can't read it so it doesn't matter exactly what you write (although there are a couple of places where it made sense for my character to be scribbling something out instead of writing). Several people asked me after the show just what it was I was writing. As a blog exclusive, I will now reveal this right here...

Actually, it's not really all that exciting. Mostly I was just writing some combination of random words from the dialogue of the other characters that could sort of be notes from the meeting. Occasionally I would write something moderately amusing (for example, when Jules said "Excuse me, but like my predecessor I should be the one who runs board meetings" I would often write "Thinks he runs board meetings") but I couldn't write anything too funny because then it would have been too hard to keep a straight face.


Sunday, March 12th, 2006

This blog will be on hiatus for the next two weeks as I'll be spending almost every evening on stage at Seattle Center house, playing Don Cisneros in "Jules dot com". Hope you'll all come to see it!

Jules dot com

Monday, February 20th, 2006

So who wants to come and see the play that I'm in? It's the premiere of a new play called "Jules dot com", an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" set in a modern business environment. It is a production of the Next Step Theater group.

It will be at Theater 4, Seattle Center House, from March 17th to 25th. Tickets cost $10 ($8 seniors and students with ID). Tickets are available now from Brown Paper Tickets.

Rehearsals are in full swing and so far it's looking like it's going to be a really good show! I hope you'll all come and see it. Come to one of earlier performances if you can so you can tell all your friends how great it is and they can come and see it too. Our shows often sell out, so book early to avoid disappointment!

If you would like to be on Next Step Theater's mailing list (so we can send you information about this show and future ones) please post your (snail-mail) address in a comment below or email it to me.

Actor needed

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Anyone in the Seattle area want to try their hand at acting? My theatre troupe is staging a new play and we are short one actor to play:

Cory “Crash” Callahan, Director of Security. Everybody loves Crash. Ruddy, stocky, strong, slow-talking ex-cop and two-fisted whiskey-drinking Irishman. He watches everything and everyone, and doesn’t miss much.

The play is a version of the story of Julius Caesar set in a modern office environment (Crash is the counterpart of Casca in the original play).

Rehearsals start Monday and the show will go in March. Please forward to anyone who you think might be interested.

Opening Night

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Last night, the wife and I (I never tire of writing that) went to see a play - Next Step Theater's production of Opening Night at Theater 4 in Seattle Center. It was brilliant - terrific acting, a beautiful set and lots of laughs despite a small audience. This show runs until Saturday week (the 10th) and I highly recommend you go and see it if you are in the Seattle area.


Sunday, October 31st, 2004

I finally got around to putting off the things I'm supposed to be doing and made a new icon instead:

Okay, I can't take all the credit - I stole it from here but I did crop it, resize it and optimize it myself.

Oh yeah, if you're in the Seattle area next month please come and see the latest play that I'm in, Next Step Theater's production of Neil Simon's "Rumors". It runs from the 11th to the 20th of November at Seattle Center and tickets are $12. This play is absolutely hilarious. Our last show was sold out for all but one performance so get your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment (we won't be breaking fire regulations and adding extra seats this time).

Strange animals

Friday, March 26th, 2004

There are some very, very odd fish deep in the Tasman sea.

However, mad scientists (or possibly mad photoshoppers) haver created some even stranger animals (note that that site might have non-work-safe banner ads, if you're lucky).

We're going to see Claudine's play in Everett this evening. Should be fun.

Dirty pleasure

Wednesday, March 17th, 2004

I have a new dirty pleasure. Oh don't look at me like that - it's not that sordid.

When I first received my MP3 player I didn't think I would have very much use for it - my computers at home and at work have speakers so I don't need it in any of those places, and listening to it in the car would be dangerous. However, it has found a niche in my life giving me music while I'm walking to and from work (on days when it isn't raining).

Generally, on the stretch of 156th Ave between my apartment and my office building, there really any people within earshot. There aren't many pedestrians around (I guess that's true of most of the East side in general), the buildings are all quite far away from the road and don't have openable windows, and for those in passing cars the engine/road noise and radio will drown out most external noises. It's kind of like I'm in my own private world, at least as far as sound is concerned.

So, I can sing my heart out to the tunes on my device without disturbing anyone or embarrasing myself. Usually. I did have the slightly unsettling experience the other day of a jogger coming up behind me and surprising me mid-song. If you were that jogger I would like to apologize for inflicting my singing voice on you.

Last night my musical selection was:
Tori Amos - 1,000 Oceans
Dar Williams - The Kid
Dire Straits - Romeo & Juliet

The play went great - we sold out all but one of the shows (and crammed quite a few more people in as well), and our performances just kept getting better and better as we experimented with how to say certain lines to get the most laughs out of them. It was nice to be the star and the center of attention for a while.