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Photographs - Summer 2003

Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

Port Townsend Rhodedendron Festival parade, 17th May

Spirit of Washington Dinner Train, 30th May

This was Gennie's birthday present. We finally got around to using the gift certificate five months later! Unfortunately it was a bit rainy that day.

The roses were part of the present too.

These are wine barrels at the Columbia Winery in Woodinville, at the end of the railway line.

New bookshelves.

Holiday in England, 7th-22nd June

On the way to Devon, 7th June


To Gennie's great delight, we saw rabbits hopping about amongst the stones.

Devon and Cornwall, 7th to 13th June

Ponies in Marsland valley

The Old Man of Marsland

We walked up this hill.


Remains of a chapel built around 1000 years ago

Figurehead from the wreck of the "Caledonia"

Eden project

Butterfly flower


An enormous plant related to Rhubarb


Bath, 13th to 15th June

"The world's prettiest bedroom" -- Gennie

Hot air balloons over Bath. There were dozens of them.

A street in Bath made up to look like 1840s London, for the filming of Vanity Fair.

Bath Abbey

The Royal Crescent

No, she isn't photoshopped in, Honest!

The Roman baths

Inside Bath Abbey

We drank some of the water from the King's spring. It was rather disgusting - it tasted like warm rusty nails! It's apparently very good for you, though.

The flowing water leaves iron deposits on the stone

Cambridge, 15th to 17th June


Nottingham, 17th to 19th June

Jennie's cat, Electra

Electra's kittens

The Great Oak in Sherwood Forest

Inside a hollow tree

Part of the wall of Nottingham castle

Wollaton Hall

York, 19th to 21st June

Genevieve on the moors

This landscape is what inspired Charlotte Brönte to write "Wuthering Heights".

Clifford's tower

Part of the Abbey wall

The City wall

York Minster

London, 21st June

The London Eye

The Houses of Parliament

Views from the plane, 22nd June

Fox basin

Baffin island