Picture of me
Hi, and welcome to this collection of almost entirely original bits and pieces that I like to call my blog. Here you will find stories I have written, programs that I have written or want to write, photos, rants, ramblings, reminiscences, recipes, silly ideas and all sorts of other stuff.

I have been a software developer for Mentor Graphics since they bought CodeSourcery, and work mostly on GNU toolchains. I used to work for Microsoft, mostly on Visual Studio. I live in Seattle in Washington State, USA. I am married and have one son, Alexander (born 28th November 2006) and one daughter, Penelope (born 2nd September 2009).

I have a Masters in Physics from Cambridge University, and try to bring insights from my scientific background to the software development process.

I have also occasionally been involved in theatrical pursuits with Next Step Theater (now sadly defunct) and run a Shakespeare reading group which meets every other week.

Why http://www.reenigne.org/? Well, "reenigne" is the reverse of "engineer" and one of my particular talents is reverse-engineering - taking a computer program and producing a precise description of exactly what it does and how (usually in the form of "source code" - a particularly useful form which can be understood by (some) humans and computers). My most successful attempt at reverse engineering has resulted in the creation of the "Remastered" version of the classic 1983 game by Windmill Software, Digger. You can find out more about this at the Digger website.

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