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Monday, October 29th, 2007

I played through Portal over the weekend. I don't play many computer games any more but I'm glad I made time for this one - very impressive storytelling, and hilarious dialogue (monologue?).

Photographs - August to October 2007

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Alexander - August 2007

Trip to England, September 2007

East Hendred, 12th September

Goring-on-Thames, 13th September

Barbury Castle, 13th September

Recreation of an iron-age round house.

Berry Park

Port Isaac, 15th September

Welcombe Mouth, 16th September

Berry Park

Lydford Gorge, 18th September

Some people think these globes are ghosts, but they are really just the camera's flash refecting off dust or (as in this case) water droplets in the air.

The White Lady waterfall. The three women in this picture are all Jenners by marriage, and together are responsible for 7/8 of the DNA of the baby.

Abandoned tin mine shaft.

Dartmoor, 18th September

Brighton, 23rd September

Alexander - September/October 2007