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Photos January-July 2009

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

This brings a whole new meaning to the words "embedded circuitry":

This picture was taken by Alex:

Home-grown strawberries:

Photos October-December 2008

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Alexander's second birthday:

For his birthday treat, he went to the Seattle Aquarium:

Welcombe, Christmas 2008:

My nieces, Grace and Ella:

This table has an interesting topology - unusually for a table, it is not simply connected. My nephew Ethan sat in the hole in the middle, and kept having to help pass things across the table (he didn't mind too much):

Photos September-October 2008

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

This blog will be returning to regular posting on Wednesday. But first I thought I should catch up on my photo posts. Many of these have already been seen on Gennie's flickr account but I like to have them here too. As it's been (almost exactly) a year since my last photo post, there are lots of photos so I've split them up into three groups. The second and third of these will be posted tomorrow and Tuesday.

I finally developed the last film from my old analogue camera, which has been languishing in a drawer for most of the past 8 years or so. Surprisingly, the pictures still came out reasonably well despite the age of the film:

I'm not quite sure where this one was taken - probably either Welcombe (shortly before I moved here) or Redmond (shortly after, in the backwoods of the Microsoft campus).

I believe this was taken at Wenatchee, when I went white-water rafting with some Microsoft colleagues.

Here are the photos from our trip around the Olympic penisula in September.


The Quinault rainforest:

Unfortunately at this point in the trip we lost the camera so some pictures are unfortunately missing. We bought a disposable analogue camera to document the rest of the trip.

Hurricane Ridge:

Lake Crescent:

After returning from the trip, I bought a Canon Rebel XS. I've wanted to get into digital SLR photography for a while (having learnt about the basic principles at school, and seeing the excellent photos that friends of ours have had taken with theirs).

Trip to the apple orchard in October 2008:

Lost camera

Friday, September 26th, 2008

I am having a wonderful holiday here on the Olympic peninsula. I will write more about it another time but I wanted to put this post up now for reasons that will become clear.

One thing has marred this holiday a little, though - we somehow managed to lose my camera on Wednesday. I think I left it on the table at the restaurant in Neah Bay, but when we went back to look for it a few minutes later there was no sign of it and the waitresses hadn't seen it. It's possible it was stolen (either from there or from our car) or that we left it somewhere else (maybe at the trailhead for Cape Flattery). I'm not too bothered about the camera itself (it was more than 6.5 years old and quite obsolete, it's battery low sensor was becoming confused and I was going to replace it after this trip anyway). We bought a disposable camera to document the rest of our trip but the most annoying part is the 2 days worth of photos (about 144 of them I think) that we've lost.

I'm posting this on the remote chance that someone finds the camera, looks through the photos and decides to try to locate the owner (i.e. me) by Googling keywords from the photos. The camera was an 3.3 megapixel Olympus C3000Z with a 128Mb SmartMedia memory card, a lenscap attached by a cord and a battery compartment with bits of tin foil and electrical tape to replace corroded contacts. On the memory card were pictures of a 1000 year old giant Spruce tree, another big tree (a dead Cedar with other trees growing out of its remains), various pretty pieces of scenery taken from rural Washington roads, vampire merchandise and vampire-related signs in Forks, driftwood at Ruby Beach and the beach at La Push, and lots taken at Cape Flattery (a woodland trail and some impressive seascapes and islands). The three of us (an adorable toddler, a man with dark hair and glasses and a woman with long dark hair) are visible in some of the photos - the toddler is riding in a green backpack carrier in the Cape Flattery ones.

I've subscribed to the Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures RSS feed in case they turn up there too.

Photos - January to May 2008

Monday, July 21st, 2008

New car

Office/basement before repainting. See here for the after pictures.

Bath time

The red jumper that Alex's Nana made for him.

Painting the guest room



Pasadena, February:

Our gracious hostess, Sarah

Mum & Dad's visit, March:

At Seward park

First photo taken by Alex


In the garden

At the Olympic sculpture park

Photographs - 2008 - CodeSourcery's newest office

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Photographs - October to December 2007

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Halloween pumpkin


Alexander's first birthday

Alexander's first cake, and first taste of chocolate


Photographs - August to October 2007

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Alexander - August 2007

Trip to England, September 2007

East Hendred, 12th September

Goring-on-Thames, 13th September

Barbury Castle, 13th September

Recreation of an iron-age round house.

Berry Park

Port Isaac, 15th September

Welcombe Mouth, 16th September

Berry Park

Lydford Gorge, 18th September

Some people think these globes are ghosts, but they are really just the camera's flash refecting off dust or (as in this case) water droplets in the air.

The White Lady waterfall. The three women in this picture are all Jenners by marriage, and together are responsible for 7/8 of the DNA of the baby.

Abandoned tin mine shaft.

Dartmoor, 18th September

Brighton, 23rd September

Alexander - September/October 2007

Photographs - Alexander August 2007

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

First taste of Marmite


I am acute!

The plum sauce incident

Photographs - Alexander June 2007

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

Movie: Sitting

28th May 2007 - 1/2 birthday and first solid (ish) food!

Movies: 1 2 3