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Photographs - Cute animals

Sunday, May 30th, 2004


This pigeon was nesting out on the hallway for a while.




March 2005

April 2005

Greg sheds his entire winter coat in one night

May 2005

Greg gets a manicure

September 2005

December 2005

Greg in his favourite hiding spot under the skirting of the Christmas tree

Esme has an afternoon snack of Christmas tree

Spring 2006

Our heroes enjoy some tasty grass from the lawn.

Photographs - 2004

Saturday, May 15th, 2004

From the bedroom window

Snow in Redmond

Vaca key, Florida

What is it?

Cambridge, February 2004 - the MA ceremony

Awake for over 24 hours at this point, but triumphant!

The cast of "No Sex Please We're British"

Greenlake, Easter 2004

Pasadena/LA, April 2004

Mount Rainier

Mount St. Helens


View from Mulholland Drive

Port Townsend, May 2004

On the left is Gennie's youngest brother, Mike.

Drinking and breathing

Monday, May 10th, 2004

So we went to see Stephen Wright (no, not Steve Wright) at The Moore last week. My belief that he is the funniest person in the history of the universe was confirmed. I have never laughed so hard for so long in my life - it felt so good. I laughed so much I nearly had to be carried out of the theater on a stretcher - no really! I was getting so much oxygen that my hands and legs started tingling due to the change in pH of my blood. Fortunately I recognized the symptoms - the same thing had happened to me on a boat in Florida on New Year's Day - I was breathing deeply to try to combat the seasickness, and ended up laying on the deck unable to move or see, and almost passing out.

So I tried very hard to laugh/breathe less, which was really hard because the guy was so funny. Some highlights: "They have digital numbers now", "She was wearing unscented perfume - the sort that comes in a little empty bottle" and "I'm writing an unauthorized autobiography".

If you really want to understand British people, you could do a lot worse than reading this. What a chore researching that must have been...