Lost camera

I am having a wonderful holiday here on the Olympic peninsula. I will write more about it another time but I wanted to put this post up now for reasons that will become clear.

One thing has marred this holiday a little, though - we somehow managed to lose my camera on Wednesday. I think I left it on the table at the restaurant in Neah Bay, but when we went back to look for it a few minutes later there was no sign of it and the waitresses hadn't seen it. It's possible it was stolen (either from there or from our car) or that we left it somewhere else (maybe at the trailhead for Cape Flattery). I'm not too bothered about the camera itself (it was more than 6.5 years old and quite obsolete, it's battery low sensor was becoming confused and I was going to replace it after this trip anyway). We bought a disposable camera to document the rest of our trip but the most annoying part is the 2 days worth of photos (about 144 of them I think) that we've lost.

I'm posting this on the remote chance that someone finds the camera, looks through the photos and decides to try to locate the owner (i.e. me) by Googling keywords from the photos. The camera was an 3.3 megapixel Olympus C3000Z with a 128Mb SmartMedia memory card, a lenscap attached by a cord and a battery compartment with bits of tin foil and electrical tape to replace corroded contacts. On the memory card were pictures of a 1000 year old giant Spruce tree, another big tree (a dead Cedar with other trees growing out of its remains), various pretty pieces of scenery taken from rural Washington roads, vampire merchandise and vampire-related signs in Forks, driftwood at Ruby Beach and the beach at La Push, and lots taken at Cape Flattery (a woodland trail and some impressive seascapes and islands). The three of us (an adorable toddler, a man with dark hair and glasses and a woman with long dark hair) are visible in some of the photos - the toddler is riding in a green backpack carrier in the Cape Flattery ones.

I've subscribed to the Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures RSS feed in case they turn up there too.

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  2. Jamie says:

    Always protect your valuables with a lost and found recovery service (I personally use TrackItBack). Its not always the device itself that is important a lot of the time it is the information stored within, for example your cell phone or camera. Everybody loses things, but if it has some sort of importance you should protect it.

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