When is your program compiled?

When we're all using languages which can compile code at runtime it's going to be more important to think about when your code is being compiled. Take a fractal plotter for example - one in which users can supply a formula to be iterated. Obviously we'd like to do some compilation here instead of just interpreting the formula, as the latter would be very slow. But how often should we recompile it? The more often we recompile, the more information we have available to us and the more optimizations we will be able to use. For example, if we just compile when the formula changes, we would have to use arithmetic operators which can work with any precision, but if we recompile whenever the precision changes we can unroll those arithmetic operators and make the code much faster (especially for low precisions). On the other hand, recompiling does have some overhead so we probably wouldn't want to recompile for each pixel. Though for some formulae that might actually be helpful - if we can hoist a test from per-iteration loop to the per-pixel loop and the iteration count is high it might be worth it.

One possibility might be to give the code-generation library the freedom to compile whenever it likes, so it can try various things and run with what works best.

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