Modifications to a programming language for ravioli

I'd like to do some experiments with the ravioli memory I've been writing about in the past few blog posts. To give it a fair test I'd need a decent body of code (like a compiler) written in a language that I have control over. This is another reason I want to make my own compiler.

Some language modifications would be necessary to make good use of ravioli. While ravioli could be used with any non-garbage-collected language, to minimize the overhead it would be a good idea to add some language features which ensure that there is no duplication between the "low level" information used by the ravioli themselves and the "high level" information stored in the ravioli. For example, you would not want to implement reference counting on top of ravioli since the ravioli themselves have something even better (reference enumeration). Also you'd want to make sure that the vtable pointers used by the ravioli to determine where the pointers are in a given raviolo (and, if reference trees are used, whether it is normal or reverse) are also used for the high-level atoms or vtables.

I'm not sure quite what modifications to ALFE could be made to help with ravioli. I suspect most of it is just re-implementing low-level data structures, but I guess I'll find out what else can be done when I implement it.

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