A new blog

A new initiative at Microsoft means that everyone (at least in my division, not sure about others) has to spend at least 4 hours a month interacting with customers and partners. It's a good idea in principle but unfortunately I have never actually had occasion to seriously use the tools I write - I've never written any software targetting the .NET Compact Framework other than trivial programs to test my own work. Therefore I'm really not the person to answer the sort of questions my customers ask.

Fortunately I found a loophole - I have to interact with customers, but they don't necessarily have to be my customers. I've started a work blog here which talks about C++ and general programming techniques. I'll continue to post here just as frequently (posting here less frequently would be extremely difficult) and will continue to talk about the same things, as the sort of things I talk about here would probably not be appropriate for my work blog.

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