You should only ever need one GUID

Some people like to use GUIDs for everything - every interface, every class, every type library (I'm looking at you COM) - sometimes even every record in a database. This is ridiculous. GUIDs are overly verbose and difficult to work with, and far more unique than they need to be. We should be using hierarchical identifiers instead. There is exactly one circumstance I can think of in which a GUID would be necessary - you want to establish your own sub-namespace in some global registry and want to avoid colliding with anyone else who might happen to choose the same name as you. In the absence of some universal arbitrator who can dole out names, a GUID is an acceptable alternative. Once you have your GUID you can use it in any such situation - it only needs to be unique within that particular registry - it doesn't need to be universally unique.

No person or organization needs more than one GUID because a person or organization can make up their own namespace under that GUID.

If you follow the Java path and use domain names as the top level of your hierarchy, you don't even need a GUID. That's not a perfect solution, though, because sometimes domain names expire and fall into the wrong hands.

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