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Pentominos iFAQ

Sunday, July 13th, 1997

Note: This document is formatted as a text file using the IBM character set. To view it correctly, you should save this file and read it using a DOS editor such as EDIT, or change the current fixed-width typeface to a monospaced linedraw font, such as "MS Linedraw". Apologies if you don't have an IBM compatible computer or a monospaced linedraw font. If you don't have a linedraw font and your computer can understand Truetype fonts (most can these days), click here to download the MS Linedraw font.

I could reformat this using ASCII art or even GIFs, but it would take a long time and not be so pretty. Also, this would be impractical for the solutions.

PENTOMINOS Infrequently Asked Questions (iFAQ)
All the solutions to rectangular pentominos
10 by 6
12 by 5
15 by 4